Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday to the Bun

To my lovely and wonderful daughter,
I cannot believe you're already 5! For me, there isn't Father Time, rather, it feels like Daughter Time. Because watching you grow really shows me how much time has passed.
We were supposed to go to Hawaii this year for your birthday. I think I'm more disappointed than you that we didn't go:p You had changed your mind mid-year and wanted to go to Disneyland instead.
Daddy headed up the planning process this year since we had to work around his schedule. Well, time got away from him. Plus Daddy wasn't comfortable taking Evan on a plane with us for Hawaii and he wasn't progressing in sleeping through the night where we felt comfortable leaving him behind. In your Dad's eyes, that left Disneyland. But next thing he knew, your birthday was right around the corner and we had no plans.
Then, a week before your birthday, your Auntie Margie said her family was going to Disneyland next month. How fantastic! You love spending time with your twin cousins and Disneyland would be even more fun with them. So we decided we would go when they do in November.
But we felt bad that you weren't going on a trip on your birthday:( So we tried to make it extra special for you:

We decorated your doorway and the staircase so you would feel like your birthday was a huge deal to us (it is!) You were very surprised and happy when you saw them-
Ah, let me back track. Before you saw the decorations, I woke you up by singing Happy Birthday and lighting a candle nestled in one of your favorite treats...a chocolate donut! With pink sprinkles, to boot! You blew out the candle, I gave you your birthday crown and we walked hand in hand down the stairs. That's when you saw the decorations.
You sat down at the kitchen table, I cut up your donut and asked you to pose:
Then you got ready for school. Afterwards, I asked you to pose on the staircase so we could capture your special day:
You went off to TK, rocking that birthday crown of yours. I love your school and think their birthday practice of celebrating birthdays monthly in class is a good one. But I just wish they had at least sang happy birthday to you. It was OK, though, I planned for just the two of us to go out for lunch and shop. Evan stayed behind with Grandma while I picked you up and whisked you to your destination of choice-the mall.
You crack me up. You love the mall even though your Dad and I don't care much for it. [Side note: I have fallen back in love with the mall now that 1) we live near a nice one and 2) I'm taking care of a fresh baby again. A morning stroll in the mall during a weekday is almost therapeutic! Like Target. Mmm, Target.] So when I asked you where you wanted to go and gave the mall as an option, you jumped all over it.
There's this restaurant smackdab in the mall that sells sushi, cafeteria-style. I suppose a modern take on the sushi boat style but with a conveyor belt instead. Truth be told, your dad and I thought the sushi wouldn't be that good whenever we passed by but you always looked at it longingly. Since today was your day, that's where we ate!
Unfortunately, your mommy & daddy were right. (Won't be the last time, kiddo.) But you loved it! We sat at the bar and you grabbed what you thought you would like: California roll and Japanese crackers:) The service, while kind, was mediocre to neglectful. I had to ask multiple times for things. But there was a conveyor belt of food! So you adored it. Our waitress also stuck a candle on the (mediocre) strawberry shortcake we ordered. Yet another opportunity for me to sing happy birthday to you:)
Because of your birthday crown, people we came across throughout the mall warmly gave birthday wishes to you. I'm sure it was also because you looked absolutely darling with your curls and soft spoken manner. You're a reserved individual who doesn't like to be the center of attention but you do like some;) So it was perfect how sales people and random moms were approaching you, wishing you happy birthday and saying you looked like a princess.
Part of our mission for the day was to find a blue dress for you for our upcoming photo shoot. We found one you approved of along with marching mary janes! You were so pleased to pick it out yourself. You patiently waited while I also got your brother, a few Christmas presents and a dress for myself for an upcoming wedding. I think that's going to have to be my next blog entry: my first dress post-baby and my first cocktail dress purchase in years!
I bought you a hot cocoa, split a 7 later bar with you and got you a See's chocolate to round out the day of decadence. And to make up for the not-so-stellar lunch. We then went home because I really needed to feed your brother!
A couple of hours later, your Papa & Nana came over to celebrate your birthday by having dinner. Grandma was staying with us so you had all your grandparents here. It had been tradition to eat at a Japanese restaurant near our old home for your 1st, 2nd & 3rd birthdays (we had gone to Disneyland for your 4th.) But it was a half hour away now instead of less than 10 minutes. We gave you the option of a local ice creamery or sushi and you said sushi. Yes, even though you just had it for lunch:) We headed out to our new local sushi restaurant. It's one of two favorite restaurants we have in our town so I wasn't sure if you would feel like it was a special outing. But it's rare to get all of us together so I believe you knew it was special.
You were sang to again:
And you loved it:
When I tucked you in at night, I asked you what your favorite part of the day was. You said the sushi lunch! Ah, goes to show what you get a kick out of. I'm also very glad I didn't complain about the food in front of you (I did tell you Daddy about it later. And then he smiled when I told him much later that it ended up being your favorite part of the day!) Your second favorite part were the decorations. Your third favorite was waking up and having a donut. Again, you crack me up:)
I hope you know how very special you are to me and Daddy and how much we love you. It's been a big year in terms of change and I know our attention is now divided. You also started a brand new school and after school program, both with much larger groups of kids than what you've ever had before. But you continue to impress me with your adaptability and grace. I wish I had infinite patience because you deserve it. I continue to work on it:)
You are lovely, beautiful inside and out, smart, funny, sassy and incredibly kind. You are my favorite girl in the whole wide world. I LOVE YOU.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Catch up

Props to the mamas who find time to blog because I find it very challenging!
The past few weeks, in a nutshell:
Sister came to visit and help. It was lovely. I feel blessed to have a supportive sibling who takes time out of her life to help out. I'm truly thankful because she is also the person who told our Dad that enough was enough. He had been fighting an infection in his foot for months. Since May. He had been seeing doctors, most recently a dermatologist who his general physician referred. Thank God, when my sister saw that our dad was cutting the bottom of his jeans, she insisted he call his doctor or go to the ER - his choice. Of course, he wanted to do neither but she made him decide. The on-call doctor said he wanted my dad to go to the ER. Long story short, his doctors were treating the infection as if it was dermatological when, in fact, it was cardiovascular.
Who knows how long it would have gone if my sister hadn't forced my dad to take action. This made me upset because we thought my dad and his doctors were doing their due diligence. But, bless his heart, my Dad was taking a very passive role and waiting for his doctors to contact him and, come to find out, he wasn't being very honest in the severity of the pain and symptoms.
As a child, you hope your parent will be an advocate for his/her own health. But it looks like we've reached a point in our lives where my sister and I have to take a more active role. We love our parents so much and it's frightening to think that they may not think to do what is the best interest of their health:( My parents are great about seeing their doctors. But if their doctors aren't on top of it (which it looks like a couple of my dad's doctors were NOT), it's a bit frightening because I don't think my parents are comfortable questioning or second guessing them. My dad is the type of guy that if his doctor's office says the will call to schedule an appointment but then doesn't - which has happened - he will wait until they call him because he figures that if they're not calling him, it must not be that serious. Then there's me who has been forgotten by doctors or vendors sometime during my life so I know that, most likely if they didn't call me it's because they forgot. My dad sees that as nagging:p
Because my sister saw first-hand our dad down-playing his pain and symptoms, we gave him an ultimatim - either our mom or I will go with him to his future doctor's appointments. I pray that this will work and he will allow my mom (or I) to accompany him. He will be 80 years old and he just doesn't have the immune system to mess around with this kind of nonsense.
Here is The Bun visiting her Papa in the hospital:
He was in the hospital for four days. 
On to happier updates ...
The Bun, along with my sister since she was in town, accompanied me to a swim lesson two weeks ago. While I was taking my lesson, my sister said that The Bun was itching to join me in the water. So much so that my sister had to distract her by showing her a swing set out of view from the pool because The Bun really wanted to jump in.
This was news to me since I had enrolled her in group swim classes last year and she abruptly quit them. Didn't say why but she was clearly disinterested in the whole ordeal. My parents and I chalked it up to her becoming bored.
As I mentioned in my Tahoe entry, I was inspired to learn how to swim so private lessons were what I was going to treat myself to during maternity leave. As luck would have it, there was another teacher available at the same time as my lesson so we would be able to take lessons together. Come to find out, it is quite a pretty penny to have private lessons:p Not sure how long we'll keep them up but I booked us weekly lessons until the end of the year. And, seriously, how could I deny this cutie?

Here is a fantastic drawing from The Bun for my sister's 49th birthday. I cannot explain to you how awesome it is but just trust that it is:) Let's just say that children, especially my precocious little girl, notice everything. My sister l-o-v-e-d this drawing and said that she planned on framing it when she returns home.
My parents, her Papa & Nana, are at the top. Then there's a big Hello Kitty (no explanation other than The Bun IS a little Asian girl). At the bottom is my sister with awesome round glasses, one of our pups, The Bun, Me, The Man and our other pup. When I asked her, The Bun didn't have an explanation as to why The Bean is missing. But she swears she loves him:)
Ah, I'm glad my sister captured this next photo. When I had The Bun nearly five years ago, I had some major baby blues. My mom swooped in like it was nothing and came over to my home 40+ hours a week to help. We joked that it was her pro-bono work upon retirement. In all seriousness, she was a God sent during a tough time for me. This time around, this mama is blessed to not have baby blues. Hallelujah! But my mom (& dad, as her driver) still come around, just not all day, every day. They come twice a week and help out with the kiddos.
Well, maybe it's because they don't have as much time together but it's taken my mom a little bit to figure out how to appease The Bean. I know that when he's hollering or crying, my mom really wishes she knew how to make him happy the way she knew how to calm The Bun.
Well, last week, they finally clicked:
Mission accomplished, Nana! You figured out how to put him at ease. And to sleep!:)
This next photo has to be my favorite. I know that I've had many blessings lately. This time around, The Man took nearly seven weeks off after I gave birth! We timed it perfectly for my sister to visit right when he went back to work. So, for nine weeks, I've had a partner to tag team with when it came to the kiddos. Well, this week, it was time I finally flew solo. And let me just say that I am so impressed by The Bun.
My little girl has had a lot of change these past few weeks. In addition to a baby brother, she also started Transitional Kindergarten which is quite different than preschool. Expectations of her being more mature are certainly higher. We are also in the (long) process of night time potty training. And, as if we couldn't throw more things her way, her dad recently went back to work and then we had my sister visit. We could tell that while The Bun has been in sunny spirits, she is a bit stressed. She has had some potty accidents during the day which isn't something that has happened in a very long time.
The reason I'm proud of her is because, despite all these new things being thrown at her, she is determined to be a big helper. She gets up early with minimal coaxing because she knows how much I need her to stick to the schedule. She gets through her morning routine much faster than I ever anticipated because, again, she doesn't require the constant reminders that she had needed before when it was just her I had to get ready. The Bun gets dressed, eats her breakfast, brushes her teeth and then wants to play with her brother. I asked her to entertain him while I got ready. She's been doing so wonderfully that I asked her if she would like to hold him. It lasted all of two minutes but still ... I can tell her brother already loves her to the moon and back:
I loooooove this little girl and baby boy!
Oh man, I've been desperate for things to entertain The Bean. He doesn't really dig the play floor mat I bought (but I'm determined to not give up!) He also doesn't care for the vibrating chair that his sister loved. What to do? Well, a friend had this cool swing at her house and when I put The Bean in it, he was able to stay for over 10 minutes in it! Do you mean that there is something that exists that could actually help entertain him so I could get ready in the morning? SOLD! Well, almost. It costs $140. Um, to use for less than year? This mama doesn't have an unlimited cash supply. But thank goodness for mommy groups on Facebook! I posted that I was in search of a swing and included a photo. A woman tagged another woman who then let me know she was selling it. We agreed on $75 and I was able to get it within 24 hours! Again, how cool are these FB mommy groups?
And here is my guy enjoying "The Cadillac of baby swings":
He loves it! He doesn't pass out for hours but I'll take the precious minutes it buys me to do chores, get myself ready or *gasp* fit in a nap!
The greatest anxiety I have about going back to work is who will take care of The Bean? I was fortunate enough to find a great after school program for The Bun. I mean, not only does she love this program but they even do pick up so I don't have to worry about her going from TK to this after school program! But what about The Bean?
Well, my mom has offered to care for him. But, as previously mentioned, my parents have ailments. I don't know if watching him full-time is possible but that's our best option right now. But, logistically, while my parents are saving us a ton of money, we still have to figure out how to get him there. The Man seems to be the only viable solution but he goes to work super early and his work vehicle isn't always empty enough to fit a car seat. There may be times where The Man will have to pass my parents house and go home only to switch cars and then go back to my parents' house. That adds 45-60 minutes to his commute. And, honestly, puts him in a bad mood. But what to do? The Bun has to be in school at 8:25 AM. And because they're so little, parents can't just drop TK-ers off. Us parents get out of our car and wait for the classroom to open (the teacher doesn't open her classroom early, it's always just on time.) This means the earliest I get to work will be 8:45 AM and my employer ideally would like me there by 8:30 AM. If I have to drop off The Bun and The Bean, that will add 40 minutes to my commute and I would be at work by 9:10 AM if there's NO traffic. Not at all ideal. 
But we will figure it out. Because that is what parents do, right? We figure it out.
Because they're WORTH it.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Bean looks oddly like ...

Nacho Libre.

But much cuter❤️

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014


This is big for me ... we went on a road trip last weekend! It's a big deal because I was on pins and needles when I was a first-time mama. There was no way I would've been down to do this. While I'm still a creature of habit and love the safety of my home, I planned a trip to Lake Tahoe to attend a friend's wedding and by golly, we did it. Arghhhhh!!!

I learned a few tidbits on this trip. One, if we're able, we will stay in nicer accommodations. I picked a decent albeit dated lodge that was rated 4 1/2 stars on Yelp! While it was tidy enough, somewhere along the way in our lives, The Man and I had become germaphobes. Nope, I know exactly when it happened - when we had kids. When we repeatedly yelled, "Don't drop your blanket on the floor!" (replacing blanket with just about any other belonging) or "Don't touch that, we don't know when it's really been deep cleaned!", it's just not suitable. Places that were fine and dandy in our youth are not up to snuff now that we have kids. And let me tell you, we were not at all snobs back in our day. I remember staying in some hotels with friends in which I felt more comfortable wearing slippers than going barefoot. And I just thought, eh, that's OK. Not anymore, especially now that we'll have a crawler on our hands soon! 

The second thing I learned is that I should just pay the extra bucks to stay on the beach. I saved probably $20/night by staying in a room across the street from the lake. And, again, while that would have been well and good for us in our 20s, it wasn't nearly as convenient as one would think. I know that if we had stayed lakeside, The Bun would've been able to play at the beach much more than the few minutes she spent playing there between the ceremony and reception:/ Ah well, live and learn! Oh yes, the last thing I discovered was that I should not have spend the extra money to have a room with a kitchenette. I thought we would cook at least a couple of meals in the 2 1/2 days we stayed there but we did not. Maybe if we had stayed a week but we didn't use the kitchen at all. We did use the fridge but that can be found in most hotel rooms.

Funny how these tidbits all had to do with lodging! By no means are we big spenders. But with all the worrying we did, we now know it's worth it to "invest" in nicer accommodations. We will literally sleep better at night.

As for the wedding, it was gorgeous. I was impressed by how much thought my friend and her husband put into it all. And how much their families helped. It was one of the nicest weddings I've attended. And Tahoe! Oh my goodness. The Man and I had been to Tahoe plenty of times but we hadn't been since 2003 or 2004. And the only times we went were during the winter for the snow. Oh my word, Tahoe is absolutely breathtaking in the summer! And it appears everyone there is outdoorsy! We saw numerous cyclists, lots of stand up paddlers, kayakers, windsurfers ... just about every summer activity. And every age group! I saw numerous active older adults and retirees that had to be much more fit than I.

And I had no idea the sand was so powdery. With flecks of gold! I don't know if it's imported but it's gorgeous. So much of the vibe reminded me of North Shore on Oahu. Just about everyone was sun-kissed wearing some sort of swim gear. And the majority of people just looked healthy. 

Another funny thing to note: The Man and I love beaches. But we don't do any water sports. He always mentioned how we should take up something like surfing or kayaking and I have to remind him how I basically only know how to dog paddle and float. And that's in calm waters. There's no way in hell I could do anything in the ocean. Well, after him yet again making a comment when we saw so many people stand up paddle boarding, I decided to do something about it. On our way home, I Yelped swim places back home and I signed up for swim lessons! I'm not striving to be a competitive swimmer but I want to feel confident and comfortable being in choppy waters. I'm excited I'm finally doing something about it! 

It was a great weekend. Thankful to The Man for driving and for being in every sense of the word my partner when it comes to taking care of our children. And I'm thankful for our minivan. Yes, that's right! Those suckers are comfortable and we packed everything we could possibly need. Can't do that traveling by plane!

It was so wonderful to be able to bring the kids to Lake Tahoe for the first time and I would love to return next summer. And stay at the resort where my friend married!

I couldn't believe how gorgeous the sand was. Although it wasn't white, the softness rivaled our most favorite beaches on Hawaii.

Excited to let loose after the ceremony and before the reception!
(Sadly, the only time she played on the beach the entire weekend.)

3/4 of the fam because 1/4 was sleeping in his carseat at our feet;)

Wished we could've stayed in Tahoe longer.
Here's The Bun enjoying some sun at a cafe / board rental place.

The Man took these gems while we were taking a shower. He cracks me up. And yes, that is my baby foaming at the mouth.

The Man sympathy-crying. I'm glad he didn't sympathy-drool too.

Had to add these even though they were taken at home. Piko never got this close to The Bun when she was a baby. Maybe they've forged a special bond!

He is just lovely.

He flashes smiles in his sleep. But they are fast to disappear! A miracle I caught one of them.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Preschool to TK

Dear Bun,

It's been all about your baby brother lately, hasn't it? You've been such a good sport. I don't sense jealously, rather, just you trying to figure out how you fit.
Yesterday was your first day at your after school care. It's a big deal since you will spend about 6 hours there every weekday once I go back to work. Anyway, one of the teachers, the one who picks you up from TK, stopped us when he saw us park and walk to the entrance.
He told us that you are one of the sweetest, most polite TKers he has met. He said you have wonderful manners and use "please" and "thank you" more than any other TKer he's come across. He ended it by telling us, "Whatever you're doing, you're doing right."
We felt so proud as we walked away. But the credit doesn't just go to us. The village who helps raise you deserves credit too. It started with (and is still!) me and your Daddy, includes your Papa & Nana, included Monique (your first day care provider), then your preschool teachers and now includes your TK & after school teachers.
Most of all, YOU deserve credit. You've always had this sweet, quiet and reserved way about you. You don't command a room, rather, you work it;) Maybe that's not even accurate. Because you genuinely care about people. You want everyone to "be your best friend" and even though people perceive you as shy, I've seen you walk up to kids and ask them to play with you.
You're confused and rightfully hurt when you encounter a child who doesn't want to be your best friend or play with you. You know what? They're loss. Because they will not find a truer friend than you. And when you do make those friends, like your friend Dylan, and I see how kind and loyal you are to one another, it fills my heart.
Like your daddy told you yesterday when you shared how one girl didn't want to be your best friend, you definitely don't have to be friends with everyone. In fact, you won't be friends with everyone. But the friends you will make are going to be great. You have so much love and light in you. Your family and friends are blessed to have you in our lives.
I know it's not easy some days. You want attention and we're giving a lot to your baby brother. Not to mention we give him a lot of our patience too! But know that we LOVE you and are such a treasure.
Love you, baby.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

My schedule is dictated by a 1 month old

What?! The Bean is already 1 month? My schedule couldn't be more simple yet time is just flying by.
I wish I blogged more. But it's hard to fit in. I remembered how much down time there was while on maternity leave. I stupidly (mis-)remembered it as free time. I had plans of small fixer upper home tasks, organization and cleaning I wanted to do.
Barely any of it has happened because my time is not my own. But you know what? I'm BLESSED. Even though it's just now that I'm only spotting (oh, the bleeding. And soreness!) And my chest just finally starting to get used to being "workin' boobs" (People hardly talk about how painful it is in the beginning to breast feed, which is a shame because a woman needs to prepare herself!) All of this is worth it. Because I feel absolutely blessed we were able to have one more child.

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Friday, August 08, 2014

39 Weeks, part 2

Goodness, it's so hard to finish this birth story with two children.
I labored for a total of 22 hours. As I mentioned, 5 hours were without an epidural. I'm not going to lie, it hurt like a mo'fo'. Then I got blissed out for a while. Ahhh.
Some time during the day, I experienced back labor pains for the first time in my life.
HOLY S***. That was a whole new pain I had never experienced. It got to be so bad that one of my nurses contacted the anesthesiologist. He came in and said that he could provide a stronger dosage that would help. Unfortunately, it lasted for only a little while and then the back pain would r-a-g-e again.
I had great nurses who, with the help of The Man, would turn me on my side. I felt a bit like a rotisserie chicken. But whatever it took for me to get maximum benefit from my epidural, right? Hellz yah. The Man and my mom continued to be my side, only leaving to eat or to use the restroom. Thankfully, I wasn't hungry. Probably due to the drugs although the IV drip probably also helped. At least with the thirst.
Around 4:00 PM, in the 21st hour, a nurse said I was finally ready to push. I have to say, I was so relieved because I still worried things were going to go down like last time - after all the laboring, I would only be a few centimeters dilated and it would be all for naught. Again. But nope, my nurse said I was ready to push!
But I was confused. Where was everyone else? I know a cesarean section is major surgery and that's why I had a room full of doctors and nurses. But seriously, just one nurse? I didn't say anything because I was merely curious, not alarmed. And, of course, I was also just plain exhausted. Later, The Man would tell me he thought the same thing. "Uh, my wife is going to start pushing. Where IS everybody else?"
But we were tired. So we did what we were told to do. He held one leg while the nurse held the other. My mom patted my hair and shoulder while I rested between pushes. And, by golly, I pushed with all my might. Well, as much might as I could provide with no feeling from my diaphragm down. It was a lot like one saw on the movies - woman bearing down and pushing with all her might.
Oh, one of the challenges of having an epidural for 17 hours? No food or drink except for water. On the plus side? When one is pushing, the less likelihood of pooping while pushing.
I pushed for nearly an hour. Sometime during that hour, another nurse joined us. I have to say, I knew nurses were bad asses but I didn't know that they had to also manage and facilitate the vaginal births. Hats off to them, they've really got huge jobs that encompass just about everything. I think when The Bean's head was crowning, one of the nurses got the midwife.
Maybe too much time has passed - it's now been 17 days - but I can't remember all the details. For instance, I wish I remembered the two nurses names but I don't. The midwife's name, however, is on The Bean's hospital birth certificate so I know I can at least find that out. She had visited me from time to time to check on me but I hadn't seen her much during my visit. Anyhow, I remember the midwife came in at the very end of my labor and took over. She told me when to push and minutes later, I heard the Bean cry.

I cried when I heard his cry.
Even though I had an epidural, I still more lucid than when I gave birth to The Bun. This is the part that is bitter sweet. The moment when I heard him cry, I was so moved. I looked at The Man and I felt like we, with God, had done something miraculous. I wish I had felt that moment with The Bun. I remember feeling detached from the experience, glad that The Man felt moved by her birth but I had very little emotion. It felt unreal and I was so doped up and out of it. The only thing that makes me feel less guilty is knowing that The Bun doesn't have memories of that experience.
After I heard The Bean's cry, the midwife and nurses vigorously rubbed him down and placed him on my chest. He was so little! It was hard to believe he was 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches long. He looked itty bitty like The Bun! But he wasn't. While he was by no means huge, my lady parts told me otherwise as my midwife took several minutes to stitch me up. How many stitches? She didn't say and I was too chicken to ask.
 Thankfully, recovery was a lot different from my first pregnancy. I was able to leave the hospital one day after giving birth. They have a policy in which the mother and baby have to stay at least 24 hours after the birth. I recalled not getting a ton of rest after my first delivery but, because we had made it known we were interested in leaving the next day, we got extremely little rest. We have hospital staff coming into the room just about every hour, sometimes more during regular business hours. It was ridiculous. But in addition to the 24 hour policy, we also had to stay because it took a while for me to get feeling back in my legs. I couldn't go to the bathroom unassisted for quite a while. When I thought everything was fine and kind of dismissed the nurse's request (more like demand) that I contact them if I need to use the restroom, I almost fell from the toilet onto the floor. My right leg, the one taking the longest to regain feeling, just gave out on me. So yes, after that experience, I pressed the call button every single time I needed to use the loo.
I know I'm not giving all the details like I did with The Bun's. For instance, I didn't write about how I didn't recover feeling back in my legs until about 12 hours after I gave birth. And how when they moved me from Labor & Delivery to Post Partum, I swear I had the smallest nurses who thought they could transfer me by a wheelchair. But when they realized I couldn't move myself AT ALL and there was no way they could lift with their 95 lbs bodies, they had to move me by bed. And even that was a freakin' s-show because they eventually had to transfer me onto another bed. And all I could do was lie there and try to pull myself  up with my arms which was a joke because I have very little upper body strength.
But at least it's done. For the most part. I wanted to write down The Bean's birth before I plum forget everything. Currently, I'm waking up every 2-3 hours every night to feed and we have that same schedule during the day. I'm thankful God blessed me with a good pregnancy, labor and healthy baby so I try to keep that top of mind when I'm bone weary:)

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